Monday, June 13, 2011

Amish Auction Fundraiser

Once upon a time you would have to travel to Illinois or Iowa or Indiana to
attend an Amish Auction sale, but not any more.
This quaint log Amish school is located near Rexford, Montana, not too far
from the Canadian border at Roosville.

This is an interior view of the simple one-room school house.
Outside is a spectacular view of mountains and pine trees.

A typical Amish scholar perched on the fence overlooking the sale area
where I was set up to sell my cookbook.
I asked his permission to take a picture and he agreed .... and wants a copy!

Three Amish girls visiting and watching the activities.
Behind them is a huge tent of mostly Amish-made blue pine furniture.

One of the most popular sites of the day is the home-made ice cream stand.
Two Amish boys are watching the procedure... one is barefoot.
'Hand them a fishing rod and you'll have Mark Twain characters',
commented one visitor.

Isn't he cute .. a miniature replica of his father minus the beard.
The ice cream machine is operated with a gas-powered motor and was
very loud.  Soft ice cream served plain, or with chocolate
or strawberries, is delicious.

Just up from the school is the Kootenai Craft and Grocery store which also
houses a restaurant.
The exterior is unpretentious and one would not guess the surprise
awaiting guests and visitors that step inside.

If you are seated along the outside perimeter, you will have a magnificent
view of the valley.
The decor is delightful, rich wooden walls and gleaming Amish-made furniture.

The dining room is open for breakfast and lunch every day except Sunday.

Every Friday evening is a buffet and reservations are recommended
to reserve a table.
On the menu when I dined, was salad bar and fresh rolls followed
by a choice of roasted smoked turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy,
corn niblets and meat balls in a sauce.
Dessert was pecan pie with ice cream or pumpkin pie with whipped cream,
served with a choice of coffee, tea, iced tea or peach tea.
The atmosphere was homey and the food was delicious!

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