Saturday, July 16, 2011


For the benefit of my quilt-loving friends, I am posting a sampling of
beautiful hand-quilted quilts that were sold at an Amish School Fundraiser
near St Ignatius, Montana.
Can you imagine?  One hundred quilts from many communities throughout the US.
Quilters send their works of art to be auctioned at the annual sale for prices
beyond their control.
A large tent is set up with rows of chairs to comfortably accommodate the large
crowd of bidders coming to find the perfect quilt at a great price.

These are only a few of the quilts in a host of patterns, styles, colors and sizes.
A large number of quilts hung for display and inspection before the
auction began.  I felt the selling prices were very reasonable.
More pictures of quilts will be posted at a later date.


  1. Thanks for sharing. They're gorgeous!I'd be happy with any one of them.