Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It has become my tradition to personalize a cookie for each of my grandchildren.
They were mailed in Montana on a Friday and arrived in Indiana
and New York on Monday... thanks to a great postal service in the US.

I begin with Rana's sugar cookies cut with a round cookie cutter.
I posted the recipe a few days ago.
Spread the icing smoothly and allow to dry.
Make a few extra cookies in case of mistakes.

Mistake #1 in the left corner ... script too large so I had to start over.
Otherwise it went well to write the names with a round decorator tip
on a bag of green butter icing.

I like to use red hots because they are more dainty but I had adapt to
something without the cinnamon .. like a smartie.
Just to please one little appetite... no problem ... that's what
grandmothers are all about.
That little circle of red does brighten them up.  I stuck them to
the cookie with a dab of melted white chocolate.

I switched to a leaf tip and piped on the leaves .. let's pretend
they look like holly leaves.

Finally I added a love symbol using a new paint brush and food coloring.

The dollar store had the perfect size boxes.  I lined them with plastic
wrap and a layer of star cookies because there was room.

The cookies were placed inside and covered with the plastic wrap
and they were ready to go.
They were so appreciated  I was told on the phone.

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