Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The day is nearly over and after reading other leap year memorials,
I remembered my beloved auntie, born on this day ... 100 years ago.
She was a bit shy about having a leap year birthday and chose instead
to celebrate on March 1.

She was my mentor and friend who worked tirelessly to keep a
neat and tidy kitchen.
She was little but she would smile as children measured their
height with hers as they were growing up.
She could turn wild fowl into the most tender piece of meat
you would ever want to eat.
She made the most wonderful doughnuts and parker house
rolls for New Year's dinner.
She loved beauty ... flowers, tea cups, clocks, lovely towels
and sheets ...  other pretty things.
She was caring and kind and generous. I loved her.
Even the electrician and plumber called her 'Auntie'.
She has been home with the Lord now for 10 years
but I will see her again.
What a beautiful example she left behind! 


  1. What sweet memories! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mother, what a perfect tribute to Auntie. Her dear ways will never be forgotten. So much packaged into her small frame.