Monday, February 13, 2012


A very happy Valentine's Day to all my readers!
I have been absent from my site for quite some time and I have
dearly missed the joy of posting.
My intentions were to keep blogging as I travelled to IN and NY for
the past several weeks but it did not happen for various reasons.
It is not that I stopped cooking and eating ... quite the contrary ...
I enjoyed wonderful meals prepared by my daughters. I am at home in
their kitchens as well as at their kitchen sinks.
Isn't that what mothers and grandmothers are all about?

One week-end my daughter asked me to make the dessert that she needed
 to take to a Church potluck meal.
We chose to make White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake and
Turtle Cheesecake.  The recipes are on previous blogs so I am
simply posting some of the pictures.

The plan was to take the cheesecake in a tupperware bowl using
the lid as the base and the bowl as the cover.

We decided to put the hearts in place after we got to Church since
they would not stay upright inside the bowl.

I made lots of extra hearts to share  with the grandchildren or to
put in the freezer for future use.

The cheesecakes were carefully loaded in the back of the van for the
drive to church.  My son-in-law had one of the boys carry the
containers inside and place them on the counter.
When I came inside I gasped in horror as the bowls had been
turned upside down as would be normal.
I quickly flipped them over and removed the cover to survey the damage
to the carefully piped whipped cream mounds.
To my amazement the flip-flop was not nearly as bad as I anticipated.
I placed the hearts and here is a picture of the result.
Isn't is hard to believe that this was once upside down?

If you would be able to see closely, you could see that the
cakes were not nearly as perfect as they were to begin with but they tasted as
good as if they had been unmarred.
Many of the congregants were lavish with their praise.
I was touched by the young people who came up to me and thanked
me for the 'amazing dessert'.
It was my pleasure to make something that was enjoyed by many people
and so worth the extra effort.
Plus it was a good lesson for me to make the best of things
that could be a great disappointment.



  1. Thanks for sharing you 'upside down cake' story! The cakes look deliscious!!

  2. Judy, those upside-down cheesecakes were the best I ever had! Thanks for the awesome dessert! Leanna

  3. I have to echo Leanna; they tasted as good as they looked before the mishap. Thank you so much for making them! And thank you for all the dishes you washed at our place! :) We miss you!