Sunday, March 4, 2012


There are lots of woods and towering trees in upstate NY calling out
to young men ... compelling them to explore and experience
daring feats. 

Much like here in Alberta, there was little snow this winter
and many days were perfect for tramping over the leaves
scouting for a great tree to climb.

I am afraid of heights.  I get all dizzy and afraid that I will
swoon over the edge and lose control.  I will not willingly place myself
on the edge of a high anything.
What spells fear for some is exhilaration for others.
Situations that demand much courage for one person is
'a walk in the woods' for the next. 

My grandsons love to climb ... simply for enjoyment and fun ...
like eating a bowl of popcorn.
My simple pleasure is brewing a cup of tea to have with
a decadent dessert .. without a climb.

One reached the pinnacle.  He stopped to gaze over the
distant hills and valley's .. to see how far he had come. All that remains now
is to descend.  The challenge is complete ... though it was not
a daunting one.  The daunting ones will come.  They come to all of us.
When they come to me I have to respond.
And God is there ...  for the little ones and the terrifying ones.
I have been amazed.

Be strong and courageous.
Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged,
for the Lord your God will be with you
wherever you go.
Joshua 1 : 9  NIV

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  1. Courage and sometimes a little nuts!! Don't know if I could've have watched Mr. B. and in his slippery yellow rubber boots!! Gotta love 'em.(the boys that is, not the boots) Hope next Sunday's post includes the littles muffin. Love your forever feasts, mother dear. Love you!!