Thursday, June 28, 2012


Thanks for visiting my blog today.  In celebration of Canada Day
and my appreciation for this wonderful country, I am giving away
two cookbooks.  One will be drawn from comments left at this post
and another one at Hutt-Write Voice.

One of the perks of publishing a book is having the Lethbridge CHAPTERS
bookstore sell books by local authors.

I get to do a booksigning and at the same time meet the friendly
 staff and customers.  It was fun to hear from people who had already
purchased the cookbook and to interact with others
who love to cook and bought copies.

I decided to reminise with pictures of some  previous posts ...
here is Honey Wheat Bread.

Baking a beautiful pie like this Saskatoon berry pie is
my idea of time well spent.

This lemon cheesecake square garnished with kiwi is
from one of my first posts and the recipe is in the cookbook.

I try to balance the recipes on my blog to include appetizing
and wholesome main dishes like this Crusted Herb Baked Chicken.

Yes, I have a weakness for sweet and pretty treats like this
Raspberry Cream Pie.

I love a good stir-fry with the addition of quinoa to
add lots of protein to the meal.

Summer is here with an abundance of berries and what
a beautiful tasting experience they bring.

Please leave a comment to enter your name in
a draw for an
This offer will be available to residents of
Canada and the US only.


  1. Such pretty desserts! I'd love to win your cookbook. ~Denise

  2. A friend has your cookbook, loves it, I would love to win one myself! :-)

  3. Goodness, Judy, this post is absolutely Scrumptuous!
    "Baking a beautiful pie like this Saskatoon berry pie is
    my idea of time well spent." ? to me, eating that same Saskatoon Berry pie is MY idea of time well spent !! oh, longing...

    Linda sent me over as I've posted The Annual Canadian Book Challenge and you definitely fit in as a Canadian author!

    Winning the cookbook will be an automatic add from me as i will begin reading my next set of Canadian authored books beginning July 1st ! Thank you for the opportunity to win your creativity and hard work! Bless you , Judy!
    faithhopecherrytea at*gmail.*com

  4. Checking at Goodreads, Judy, and wondering if you've added this book yet?
    Various Judy Walter cookbooks, but not sure if yours and yourself as an author are available..
    Good to get yourself listed there as it is a popular book source for authors as well.. :)
    just sayin'... ;)

  5. Everything looks amazing! I wish I could cook and bake like that. Perhaps if I win your cookbook you will work miracles in my kitchen too! Thanks for the post and I plan on checking back again for some good meal ideas.

  6. Hi Judy since I already have your book, you don't need to put me in the draw - I just wanted to say that I had warm thoughts for you when I found some mini cherry pies in the freezer that I had made from your cookbook. I forgot they were there and it made a wonderful surprise dessert yesterday!

    Now I need to make more . . .

  7. One of the very first things I like to do every morning is check your blog, Judy! Of course I have your cookbook...and love cooking from it! I also very much enjoy your references to God and nature. Keep up the beautiful blogging!

  8. Judy, I have your cookbook and love using it. If I win the drawing I will pass it on to a friend. I can think of lots of friends who would love having it.

  9. Can a person ever have too many cookbooks? :) Probably, but a few good ones are invaluable, especially ones that can be used abundantly in a Hutterite kitchen.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  10. Hi Judy,
    No, you don't have to add my name to the draw, even though I'd love to have your book. I just stopped by to say 'Hi' and to tell you again, how much I appreciate you doing this giveaway together with me!

  11. I love your cookbook and your blog, I have one so am just commenting...

  12. I would love to have your cookbook, as your recipes turn out flawless every time!!

  13. Hi Judy,
    Please enter me in your cookbook giveaway. I enjoy your recipes so much & your inspirational posts as well. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself!

  14. Hi Judy,

    Just wanted to say I LOVE your's how I learned to bake bread, after trying other recipes for 5 or more years! And it's got all kinds of splatters in it...the sign of a very good, well-used cookbook ;)


  15. Judy,

    I love your cookbook and your blog. I make the sesame twist bread almost every week, and I will not buy another tortilla since I made your recipe. I can't wait to have a free day when I can try the chicken tortellini.

    I go to our blog when I need cooking inspiration. I enjoy reliving memories through your Alberta pictures.


  16. Judy:
    I would love to receive your cookbook to serve our married children and our 20 grandchildren something different than potatoe and meat dishes when they drop in unexpected.

    Thank You Jane

  17. I wish you'd still blog sometimes. I miss reading your posts. Came here today, looking for a waffle recipe for a post I'm working on. Couldn't believe it when I didn't find one. Call me sometime!