Sunday, July 29, 2012


How glorious is my God!

This week a vicious hailstorm passed through a town to the southwest
of here.  My relatives were waiting in the Dairy Queen when the first
ice ball hit the glass.  Someone thought it was a shot but then there was
another and another ... windows broke ... glass shattered.
Tennis ball-size hail pounded the town.
An unplanned circumstance prevented my niece from being at that
very place and spared her vehicle from the terrible damage done
to all the others.  It was the hand of God.

Something happened to me this week as I sat in my car waiting for an
opportunity to make a left turn.  Not until it was over did the
realization hit me that I was spared the possibility of serious
consequences.  At such a time there are sobering moments of
reflection.  God, I praise and thank you for looking out for me
when it seems I cannot look out for myself.
I know about this inident ... I am sure there are many others where
God intervenes and I am blissfully unaware.

This morning I worshiped as I heard an awe-filled and inspiring exhortation on
the glory of God. My heart was blessed and filled with hope as my mind
was drawn to many scriptures that point to a power that is greater than anything
we have imagined.  Nothing reminds me more of this majesty than
the wondrous signs of God in the clouds and the heavens.

I am the Lord:
that is my name:
and my glory will I not give to another,
neither my praise to graven images.
Isaiah 42: 8

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  1. I,too, love the changing skies...they fill my heart with praise and worship! Love the photos Judy!