Sunday, September 9, 2012


This rustic building is home to Broxburn Vegetables and Cafe,
so named because it is located on Broxburn road and is all about
high quality fruits and vegetables grown right on their location.

As usual it is a feast for the eyes and therefore the soul.

I did not notice the Broxberry pie on the menu until I downloaded my
pictures.  I think that merits another visit to sample a piece of pie
in the lovely cafe.

Petunias are in their glory all around the outside.

Guests have the choice of dining inside the cozy cafe or taking
their food outside in the fresh air and flowers.

On the same yard is the beautiful 'Country Blooms'  greenhouse.
They grow so well together. 

The walkway to the greenhouse is bordered with amazing perennials.

I grow sunflowers but I have not had a grouping so lovely as
this on one plant.

Twenty minutes from my home to Broxburn and their most
popular attraction ... u-pick strawberry fields.
Picking fresh berries in September is annual outing I look forward to.
Last year I was here with a friend who was visiting  from Indiana.
This year I met a very nice couple who drove all the way here from
 Calgary to take advantage of the luscious fruit on the vine.
Because of the cold nights, I find the berries are exceptionally sweet.
And who can resist a dessert made with a vine ripened berry!

Many, O Lord my God,
are the wonders
You have done.
Psalm 40:5

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  1. How I would love a piece of your strawberry pie!