Sunday, December 9, 2012


It was a cold and snowy day in Montana for the wedding of my friends'
daughter. Inside, the sanctuary was warm with the glow of Christmas.
Soft lights shone on the young couple embracing their love
as they spoke vows of commitment to each other.

Family and friends gathered from all over and as far
away as Florida to join in the festivities.
The couple chose a winter theme to create a setting of celebration.
The table coverings were black and white with silver accents.
Japanese lanterns and strings of lights lit the reception hall.

A delicious home cooked meal was prepared
by friends in the spacious kitchen.
I hope to feature some of the recipes on a later blog.

When the brides' mother asked if I would consider making the
cheesecake dessert, I was excited.  I knew it would be lots of fun!

Initially, I had some misgivings because the wedding was a
three hour drive from my home in Alberta and would include
a border crossing into the US.

I can't say that I didn't lie awake some nights wondering how
it would all come together.
My main focus of prayer was the weather.
The bride was praying for snow and I was praying that a
blizzard was not in the forecast.
Both of our prayers were answered ... she got her snow on the
wedding day ... and I had perfect driving conditions the day before.!

My good friend Ruth Ann and I each made half of the cheesecakes
in our own kitchens.  Then we got together at my house where we had a
delightful morning adding the decorations.
I could not have done it without her help and support! 

The border crossing was special!  After threatening to confiscate all
the cheesecakes in the boxes, the customs official smiled and told
Ruth Ann and I that he was kidding ...
and waved us on through!
The bride from Montana and the groom from Georgia met and learned to
know each other at Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute in PA.
Their paths crossed over the next couple of years.
One day Aaron called Sarah's dad for permission to ask his little girl
for her hand in marriage.
The proposal happened in India where Sarah was nearing the end
of a four month missions trip.
These were words penned on the wedding invitation ..

When God writes a love story
He writes the best kind of love story.
Chapter by chapter, page by page, moment by moment.
We stand in absolute wonder
as He intricately details each event
and delights in us as we grow in love for each other.

..the Lord has done this,
and it is marvelous in our eyes.
Psalm 118:23  NIV

I was blessed to be a part of this event!

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