Wednesday, January 23, 2013


For some time, I have been shopping around for a noodle
machine that would be suitable for making small batches of
homemade noodles for soup.
Last Fall I found several models at Yoder's in
Shipshewana, Indiana.
Which one do I pick?  That is always the question.
I was quite excited at the prospect of owning my
own noodle maker and the one I chose looked perfect.
Unfortunately I had to leave it with my daughter because
it did not fit into my suitcase.

I had two exciting things to look forward to in January.
My daughter was coming and she was bringing my new toy.
I must say I did not immediately rush to make noodles.
Could be I was a tiny bit intimidated.
I looked at the box with the nice picture and wondered if
I could master the technique as easily as it appeared.

The day came when I took it out of the box and read the
instructions.  The first item that caught my attention was
'Never immerse in water!  That was good news!
I think at the back of my mind I was worried about that very thing.
I couldn't imagine the fine blades drying without leaving rust spots.
It was time to give it a try.

I followed the recipe and was happily rewarded with a
lovely small batch of noodles.
It did not take much time at all and I had so much fun ...
all I had to do was crank the handle.


2 large whole eggs
2 cups very refined wheat flour

Place flour on a worktop and make a hole in the middle in which to
place the eggs.  Beat the eggs with a fork and gently mix in the flour from
the sides.   Start mixing the ingredients together until the dough becomes
homogenous.  At this point, start kneading the pasta on a surface sprinkled
with flour using the palm of your hand.
Form a ball and leave to rest in a bowl.
Cover the dough to prevent it from drying.
And now the machine will do the rest!

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  1. What a nifty little machine, compared to our big one. But hey, your noodles look exactly like ours. I never heard of such a small noodle machine. I love noodle soup! Especially on the minus 25 days we've been having.