Sunday, February 3, 2013


In the early evening hours of January 31, the sun set on the
life of Alice Rarick at the age of 80.
It happened quickly as the result of a car accident and sent
a shock to all of her friends and acquaintances in the community.

I knew Alice was lonely because she was a widow.
Just up the street from her house was a small Church where
she found her niche in a place she could go on Sunday mornings to
meet with people who cared about her.
Her appreciation for the kindness shown to her was often voiced
to me with tears in her eyes.
She will be missed at the services, the sewing day, the fellowship
meals and other gatherings.
Alice impacted many of us in various ways and today I ponder
 the contributions I may have made to her life.

This is a quote from 'Our Daily Bread',
What is the story that those around us are reading through
the letter of our lives?  Stories of forgiveness?  Compassion?
Generosity?  Patience?  Love?

You are an epistle of Christ ...
written not with ink
but by the Spirit of the living God,
not on tablets of stone
but on tablets of flesh,
that is, of the heart.
II Cor. 3:3

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  1. Judy, i remember the times when you put some fresh buns in Alice's mailbox in church. how thrilled she was! sweet memories!