Monday, May 13, 2013


I am late with my post because the past several days
have been extremely busy with a flurry of activity plus my
computer is not cooperating.
I had to go into my archives for the above picture.
Because of technical difficulties I am not able to download a
picture of my beautiful Mother's Day potted miniature rose.
Coming from Dutch Growers in Saskatoon makes it special
but even more so because it was hand delivered.
That was the first bouquet of the weekend ... then came many ..
many more ... from John .. Karen .. Kyrie .. Aly ... Jodie.
Love in action ... appreciation in the tangible.
Trees were pruned .. sticks picked up .. trash disposed of .. grass mowed ..
dirt shoveled .. basement swept ... on and on it went for two very
warm days as temperatures rose to 86 degrees F.
Working, eating, visiting, laughing and playing ... it was so much fun!
Then it was time for a change of pace. 
Spending a quiet Sunday morning in worship and reflection on Mothers,
 followed by a nice lunch felt so refreshing after all the toil.
My heart is filled with gratitude to God for the gift of motherhood .....
 for the privilege of being a grandmother to seven precious children ....
 for a wonderful weekend of memories.

'The Lord will guide
you always...
you will be like
a well-watered garden'...
Isaiah 58:11 NIV

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  1. was one of the best Mothers' Days ever. Being able to spend it with the best mother ever was also a plus.