Friday, June 21, 2013


Today is not a recipe post but rather a series of pictures that
document the building of the storm that has devastated many communities
in Southern Alberta.
The view from my home on the farm was a lovely cluster of clouds
that hung in the heavens in ever changing formations.

Late in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 19, the skies held a promise
of rain ... I had no inkling of what was to come.

Looking towards Lethbridge, the clouds became more dense and hung
low ... ominous perhaps but beautiful.

It was exciting to see that rain was falling somewhere to the northwest.
I hoped our area would be in line for the blessing of moisture as well.

The storm appeared to be coming ever closer ... the clouds
very near to the ground.

At this point there was no thought of fear .. only awe.

This is a small section of a magnificent scene playing out on the landscape.

A shot to the west where the elements were churning and rumbling.

Bit by bit the storm was building and coming closer.

Farther south the sun shone .. the air was calm and the view exhilarating.

And then the grand contrast of colors and shapes melded into one
umbrella-like canopy and the world turned dark.
I hurried home .. left my camera in the car and dashed for shelter.
Finally it was here .. all the explosive energy unleashed .. thunder and lightening ..
driving rain and fierce wind.
Tiny carrot seeds I planted hours earlier sloshed around in pools of water
gathering on every level space.
Rain barrels filled and ran over.  Objects not attached tossed to and fro.
A sudden charge of wind and rain obliterated the view to the outside
and my thoughts ran to a tornado.
Thankfully it was momentary but the rain continued in sheets and
one inch turned to two ... and maybe more.
Today several communities are under a state of emergency forcing thousands
of people to higher ground.
We will hear of bravery and the resilience of the human spirit.
We are sad and feel for those who are suffering great losses.
We feel inadequate in the face of calamity.
God, I look to You and ask for your comfort to those in pain ..
 give insight to the ones making decisions surrounding this devastation ..
 grant strength and safety to those who are using their skills to repair and reconstruct.

To view pictures of the flooding ..Google, flooding in southern Alberta.

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  1. I have been watching the storms that have been going through southern Alberta... seeing all the flooding... and waiting to hear word that my family and friends in the area are all safe. Hope that you are still safe in your area and dry.