Friday, June 28, 2013


I had a very special reason to stop by Tim Hortons today.
My interest was piqued by an advertisement and I wanted
to support a cause.

I was on a quest to see this special rose-shaped doughnut.

I was on a quest not only to see ... but also to purchase one.
I ended up getting several!
This is not an ordinary doughnut .. it is a disaster doughnut ..
but far too pretty to refer to it as a disaster.

How perfectly brilliant of TIM HORTONS to come up with this novel idea!
All the money raised from the sales of the rose-shaped disaster doughnut will
be donated to the Red Cross flood relief efforts in southern Alberta.

The doughnut is vanilla dipped, has a Venetian cream center and is
topped with pink, red and white strawberry bark.
Very tasty indeed!

After inspecting the underside, I have an idea how they put
together this unique rose shape .. but that is for another day.
At present I will simply enjoy a doughnut created
especially for the flood causes.

Sorry, the doughnut is available only at Alberta locations.
I will not be buying it at this very pretty spot in Ithaca, NY.
Just had to share the picture though.
Thank you Tim Hortons for giving us this sweet opportunity
to share in disaster aid!

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  1. Hey, I think it's available in Manitoba as well. At least I think I heard an ad.