Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It has been a while since I have posted .. but not because I haven't
been cooking.  My time is divided between so many activities
I enjoy time in my garden and flowers .. I've had guests .. and of course
I am always trying new recipes.
My camera is always ready for food .. or the next storm.

I decided to try my hand at carving on a melon rind after seeing
some wonderful pieces setting out in the Cafe on the cruise ship.
This is by no means 'chef' quality but I had fun.

I made these for some special folks I had the pleasure of
meeting at a supper meal.  My niece was entertaining
rodeo friends from Texas on their way to compete in
the Calgary Stampede and I got to help.
The recipe for Buttermilk Biscuits is already on this blog.

Some of the dishes I have made recently were intended for
a post but if I think the recipe needs to be revised somewhat,
 I will do that and post it another time.
This raspberry trifle was delicious but I was not
satisfied with the cake part so the recipe will come later.

They say not to try a new recipe when you are having guests.
I certainly do not follow that advice at all times but I did make
an old favorite in this instance.
And the recipe is on this blog as well .. Saucy Chicken Pizza.

This is an old German recipe that has been handed down for
generations in my background. I remember them from years ago
and I always thought they must be very difficult to make.
I discovered a small recipe and here are the first "Maultaschen'
that I have ever made.  I'm spited because I feel like I have
missed out on a delicious 'German ravioli' dish!
I served it with sausage gravy and since the filling has eggs,
it was a perfect breakfast meal.
The recipe will come after I experiment a bit more.

I planned on posting this snacking bread I made yesterday
but once again I feel it could use a slight improvement.
It is delicious as is but it can be even better with some additions.

These were a bit fussy to make with the raspberry and blackberry
filling wanting to escape.  It did quite a bit during baking
so this is another recipe I need to work on.
The dough is wonderful and I can't wait to make it again
in another form so the filling stays intact.

Tonight was another formidable one!

This was one menacing cloud that seemed to be coming
directly over my yard.

The air is very calm and still ... in the distance I know it is not so.

It is now so close .. what will it bring?
The weather warnings forecast a severe storm with wind and hail.

The storm clouds clawed their way over with fierce wind and driving rain.
Two miles to the north on this exact location, it came down and
 a mobile home was flipped. An RV was blown over a
fence and onto the highway.  Huge trees in Lethbridge were
uprooted.  My yard was spared but it was so close!

Beautiful and awesome .. but what potential for destruction!
I pray the weather patterns will settle into something more peaceful.
Hope to be back soon with a food post.


  1. What a lovely blog mouth is watering...and my heart is filled with awe at those storm clouds! Beautiful!!

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