Sunday, August 25, 2013


It has felt like a 'time out' for the past couple of weeks.
No driving, no lifting beyond 10 pounds, no bending .. and perhaps
the hardest of all .. 'keep reading at a minimum'.
'Time out' can also be a time to embrace the present and
anticipate the future with no hindrances.
We know the famous cliche, 'take time to smell the roses'.
I have taken that to heart ever since my daughter
gave this miniature rose to me for mother's day.  She repotted the plant and
it has grown and bloomed beyond my expectations.
Time without pressure to get things done is
a wonderful thing.

During this 'time out' phase as my eye heals from surgery
some of my family came to help me out.  One of the fun times
for me was to watch the girls pick juicy red strawberries
which are so sweet in the Fall.  Then we shared a Saskatoon
cream pie at the Cafe to decide if Gram will duplicate it at home.

I am very grateful for my independence but once in a while
it feels rather good to be waited on.  My daughter put together
this scrumptious casserole which I can't wait to share...
chicken, broccoli and tortellini in a tasty sauce and crusty topping.

I had a list of 'things to do' for my girls which were on my
forbidden list so while they did the heavy work, I was free
to make the dainty things in the kitchen.

Here is a work in progress .. my intention was to pull a skewer
through the dots in a circle pattern.  But something did not
work out as I discovered on the outer edge that is
now covered with whipped cream rosettes.
It is rather cute as is, don't you agree?
Who would guess it was not intentional?

Time outs, delays, frustrations, surprises ....
many events over which we have no control.
How do we handle the trying situations?

Because the Lord God helps me,
I will not be dismayed;
therefore, I have set my face like flint
to do his will,
and I know that I will triumph.
Isaiah 50:7 LB

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