Sunday, September 8, 2013


It's happening ... little changes in the air.

... a shifting away from the glory of summer ...

...  the watering can sits idle for longer periods of time ....

...  the color wheel is heading toward autumn ...

... harvest is paused .... just briefly ..

...  we see a powerful symbol and wait for dry days  ....

... migration is soon to follow ...

....  a rest will happen ....

....  some things end .... others just beginning ..
like the new school year. 

A busy home-school mother had made the weekly trip to the grocery
store with her young family.  After selecting the needed items they proceeded 
to the checkout and continued on to their vehicle.  Mom and the older child 
were intently unloading the purchases when a tall stately
lady approached the car.  
'I think this is yours', she said, as she handed
the mother a bill.  
'No, I don't believe it is', the mother replied.
The stranger persisted and assured the mom it belonged to her.
After completing her tasks the mother prepared to leave.
She glanced at the bill and saw with a start that it was a large denomination.
She hastened back to the kindly stranger.
' Excuse me mam, I know this does not belong to me', she insisted.
'Yes it does', the lady said as she pressed the bill into her hand. 
'It's yours. God bless you!'
'You are doing a wonderful job with your family.
Some things just make my day!'

This act of spontaneous kindness will have far-reaching consequences
Like a deposit in the offering box, it will keep on growing.
The mother will remember .. and take courage when discouragement comes ..
the children will remember and be encouraged to keep on ..
 the kind stranger  .. hopefully she can treasure the powerful moment she inspired.
I will remember ... and look for opportunity.

In response to all 
he has done for us,
let us outdo each other 
in being helpful and kind
to each other 
and in doing good.
Hebrews 10:24 LB


  1. Oh...this is just beautiful! You did take the opportunity to share this...and you made MY day! Loved it!

  2. Gorgeous pictures along with your poetic phrases, set a very pretty fall scene! Loved the story!