Sunday, September 1, 2013


For today's post I want to go back to an exciting day
that began with a question.  When the caller asked me if I knew that
blue herons nest in trees, I paused for a long moment before I answered.
Having been tricked before I was determined not to fall into his trap.
But in all truth I had no idea where blue herons nested.
Whenever I have seen a blue heron it was standing stock still
beside a creek or dugout.
Since it loves to be near water I could have guessed it would
nest in grass or rushes.
But here is a nest ...  high in the sky .. at the uppermost top of a 
very high tree.

You cannot imagine my delight at the opportunity of seeing
a communal treetop colony of blue herons.
A group of us piled into our guides truck for a drive that took us
over some rough terrain and muddy roads.  He passed through yards
and opened gates and piloted us to a secluded lake edged on one side 
by very tall trees that I would guess were 3 stories high.
Here is where these graceful and elusive birds live, not too
many miles from my home and I never knew it.

The herons share this ideal location with other waterfowl 
like the above pair of  Rehead ducks.

In this marshy home, the Yellow-headed blackbird dominates
the black bird population, commandeering the center of the 
wetland and pushing the Red-wings to the periphery.

My bird book states, 'when the male arches his golden head backward,
he struggles to produce a painful pathetic grinding noise'.
I primarily came to watch the herons but could not help 
admiring this coat of lovely colors even if the sound is grating.

Herons are sensitive to disturbances so as we arrived to gawk
they took off to stand reluctantly in the hay field.
Mindful of that fact, our stay was brief.
If it were possible, I would like to thank them for a glimpse into
their life among the trees along the lake.
It was a memorable sight!
Thank you Lord for a lovely afternoon spent learning more
about Your amazing creatures.

The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; 
let the distant shores rejoice.
Palm 97:1

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