Sunday, October 13, 2013


A weekend of privilege .. Thanksgiving in Canada, 2013.
Of the many blessings of the past week, I chose to focus on seven.
These seven may be a single item but they encompass a windfall.

A Townsend's Solitaire graced the Toba Hawthorn on Monday.
So thankful it stayed long enough for me to fully enjoy the visit from
a bird usually observed in the mountains.
Representing its name, it was alone.

Tuesday was the perfect day to dig out the potatoes and onions.
I so loved being able to walk outside this summer to gather up carrots
and beans, beets and potatoes, cucumbers and onions ..
so close at hand for a fresh garden meal.

Wednesday's chores were a little harder.  
Choices .. what to keep and what to give away?
There is a time to store and a time to de-clutter.
I am thankful that I am able to let go .. even those things that
are meaningful and sentimental because of where they came from
and who made them.  I even released an old old doll that
I had given my girls.  It was hard .. but I have to remember
that it is just stuff.

Hi there!  Welcome to the free world.  You were hatched in Quebec,
transported to Alberta and raised for months in confinement here on the farm ..
 Now you have earned the right to roam and proudly march
through the yard. 
Thursday or any day .. keep returning! I love watching you
and I sincerely hope your signature tail grows long again.
A point of interest - the Ring-necked Pheasant was first introduced 
to Alberta from Eurasia in 1908

Friday was a benediction day .. I packed blankets, and baby clothes
intended to bless orphaned and needy children in poor countries.
I am so grateful for the hands that save and cup scraps of fabric and
fashion them into cozy and warm works of art.
Imagine the thanks on the receiving end of these beautiful wraps!

I always get excited at the sight of fresh pomegranates in the
grocery store.  The red covering around a thousand tiny surprises
inside takes my thoughts to the Creator.
On Saturday my little niece and I happily took two apart and
spent a fun time with the crisp and crunch and squirting juices.

And lastly, number seven .. sometimes meaning completion.
From far away Ontario, I had a guest for a short visit.
I love the interactions with people who take me back to a time and place
of long ago.  Even with the passing of many years, it is fun
to reconnect and resurrect a chapter in our memory archive.

With thanksgiving, I sing your praise O God!
Help me to be ever more thankful.

As for every man ....
to receive his heritage and
rejoice in his labor --
this is the gift of God.

Ecclesiastes 5:19

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