Sunday, October 6, 2013


As I looked around this morning I thought .. with some envy ..
of the flaming red, bronze and yellow leaves that are coloring the
  eastern part of the country.
Here it seemed a little drab.

Lest I stay in that frame of mind, God sent me out tonight.
I rushed  for the tallest peak at the first sight of dazzling gold.
But to get there I nearly ran over these two.
They paused long enough to see what I was up to.

Up .. up .. on to the hill I drove.
Decades ago in a little one-room schoolhouse,
I became acquainted with Anne Shirley through the
pen of L.M. Montgomery.
Tonight I remember Anne as I have many times before. 

Anne knelt at Marilla's knee and looked up gravely.
"Why must people kneel down to pray?   If I really wanted to pray I'll tell
you what I'd do.  I'd go out into a green field all alone or into the deep, deep woods,
and I'd look up into the sky --up--up--up--into that lovely blue sky that
looks as if there was no end to its blueness.
And then I'd just feel a prayer."

God's cathedral  .. in the stillness as the sun slowly sinks 
out of sight over the edge of the world.

Our infinite, eternal and unchangeable God needs no stained glass .. 

He needs no photo shop ...

Him and I alone on the hill ...
 the glory .. the vastness, the beauty .. words cannot describe.

I feel the need to praise.
I feel the need to give thanks.

For our Lord God Almighty reigns.
Let us rejoice and be glad
and give Him glory!'
Rev. 19: 6 - 7  NIV


  1. I obviously need to read my Anne books again because I don't remember that line. It is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Lisa, good to hear from you! The quote is found in Chapter 7, 'Anne Says Her Prayers.' I can't remember any other specific thing that Anne said but that one caught my attention and never left.

  3. What a tribute to our amazing God! I love, love, LOVE it! There's lots of beauty around here, and you have a real knack of finding and photographing it, Judy! I can relate to Anne Shirley...spelled with an "e" well. Thanks!

  4. Aaaahh, dear Anne, with an e, Shirley! I love that outspoken little girl! And I love your post and believe like Anne Shirley, that one can be in nature or anywhere really, and feel prayer, because God can read hearts.

  5. Love Anne Shirley and love this post! Blessings :)

  6. Oh my, mother. No wonder you said there were no words to describe the sunset.