Sunday, October 20, 2013


A special week was coming up!  I was so excited!
I happily prepared for a visit from my daughter and family.
My son-in-law John is  GE prison ministry director for Western Canada
and some events were planned for this area.

Our plans involved serving and being channels of God's love.
Service is one of the reasons we are on this earth.
When we serve we reach out to meet the needs of others.

Service is an outward sign that we belong to God
and desire to do His will.
My family came and dug in  ..diligently tidied my yard and did 
the fall clean up... so appreciated!   

While I can't do the heavy lifting and digging that is easy for the
younger set, I can serve in the kitchen.
Two of the singing teams from Gospel Echoes
Prison ministry come for a dessert evening after their service at
the local prison.
We had a full house and a warm time of fellowship.

Pastor Glendon Bender and his wife Lorna have been serving
with the prison ministry for many years.
They are close friends and it was special to have them in my home.
Twenty four years to the day .. on a gorgeous October afternoon ..
Glendon officiated at the funeral service for my sister.

The theme for the prison services on Friday was 'New Beginnings'.
Spectacular in the night sky was the new moon.

The wonder of serving is
when we meet the needs of others,
forgetting about out own,
somehow in the process our needs are met.

Anyone wanting to be the greatest
must be the least ----
the servant of all.
Mark 9:35  LB

Serve the Lord with gladness ..
Psalm 100:2 

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