Sunday, December 1, 2013


Once again I had very good intentions of blogging from upstate NY
where I spent wonderful days and weeks with my grandchildren.
But I never seemed to find the time to try new recipes.
A priority is to walk across the yard, crunching leaves as we take garden
scraps to the chickens.

They have a great life with long afternoons to free range.

Apples don't grow where I live so it is a treat to see the tree so laden
down with fruit.

The neighbors graciously share their delicious crisp eating apples
which the boys picked with their dad's help.

Perhaps if I lived here I would take yonder tree-covered hill for granted.
Since I see prairie for most of the year my eyes lock on the gorgeous
scene before me.  What a background for a football game!
Especially since my grandsons are playing.

My daughter likes to share with the young players and who
wouldn't enjoy a football sugar cookie.

We also made pumpkin whoopie pies to pass around.

And when the birthday came, it was easy to follow the theme
once he decided what kind of cake he wanted.
I made peanut butter balls and formed them into football shapes
before dipping in chocolate.
My daughter did the fussy lacing with melted white chocolate.

And here is the birthday boy himself .. a fine young man
who we all love and appreciate.

Gram gets to fill requests and on this morning it was Church cookies.
I love when they help but as soon as I reach for the camera ..
well you see how it goes.
The other requests were Peppernuts and pumpkin pie
which were duly made and quickly disappeared.

On one of our shopping days we visited a bulk food store and
a Mennonite department store where we buy our favorite 
hard-to-find-anywhere-else items.
I always love a walk through a Mennonite quilt shop and this one
was charming.

I wonder what it feels like to be little and have three older brothers
looking out for you.   She and 'my guys', as she calls them, have so much
fun together .. lots of activity and action.
At the end of the day, they gather in my bedroom and say the inevitable ..
...tell us a story!
And Gram takes them back .. back in time to when their mom
was a little girl .. and other times.
An opportunity to instill values and ponder ideals.
And now I'm home and I miss them a lot.
They are as close as a prayer.

Mild and balmy weather here in Alberta this week .. 
temperatures going as high as 52 degrees F.
As the sun is setting farther to the south this time of year,
the Rocky mountains stand grand against the bronze sky.
Tonight a blizzard is to arrive ... we shall see!

It is more blessed to give than to receive.
Acts 20:35


  1. This was just lovely! I can sure see why you have to tear yourself away from New York State! I'm sure they miss you just as much! :)

  2. Judy I really enjoyed this blog it is one of your best, keep on sharing. I am getting such wonderful mentor-ship in becoming a world class grandma thanks Judy