Monday, December 23, 2013


Unwanted gifts?  
You know the ones .. wrong size .. wrong color ..
not the perfect choice.
We've all had those.  Not a big deal. Just exchange.

We don't need big elaborate gifts anyway.
A box of homemade cookies from Gram .. packed with love.
Can't go wrong with that.

An invitation to brunch with good friends .. the made-at-home kind.

Less fortunate ladies in the inner city treated to a beautiful
meal complete with homemade dessert.

Yes, these are the gifted offerings that bring us happiness
and feelings of good will.

My feathered friend was limping today.
Notice one foot up off the ground.
I felt badly to see how his handicap restricted his movement.
Is it painful? Quite likely.
Which reminds me of a book by the late Dr Paul Brand,
'Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants'.
Without pain we would not know something was wrong.

Quadriplegic Joni Eareckson Tada, regards her wheelchair and
recent cancer as a gift, for they have 
"pushed her deeper into God's embrace'.
She would rather be in her chair knowing Him,
than on her feet without Him.
A gift few of us would want to receive.

I want to introduce you to the young married couple
in this picture.. Marcus and Maryann Kauffman.
Two weeks ago they returned to their home in NC after time
with family for Thanksgiving.
A strange car was at their house so Marcus drove to a friend's
place to drop Maryann off.
Upon his return he realized that there was a burglary going on
and called 911.  His call was cut short by a bullet to his head.
A request went out on Facebook asking for prayer.
And God's people responded ..  oh did they pray and pray..
and intercede on behalf of Marcus and Maryann and their unborn child.
Thousands of God's people united in hope.
The family kept vigil for two weeks .. waiting and hoping.
Deep in God's embrace in the midst of their pain.
A gift they would never desire.
This beautiful surrender was written on their site.

Yesterday God came and flooded us with peace. Even hope. 
  1. This morning the test results came back. We are choosing to bless God and let go of our dear Marco, for it seems God is calling him to Himself. Words fail, but through our pain and tears, we bless God.
    We worship Him.

    While we certainly would not have written the story this way, we know God is the Master Author, and He makes no mistake...s. And in light of eternity, we know this parting will be only a moment in time. Soon we will all be gathered around the throne of God, together forever more, worshiping our perfect and holy Lord.
    With Marco.

    We need your prayers now more than ever. For God's supporting hand to carry us through this valley of the shadow of death. For wisdom and grace. For continued forgiveness and peace. For the ability to rest in God's perfection. To see through eternity's eyes.
  1. Marcus burst into heaven at 12:52 PM. Our loss is so painful, but we know this was gain for Marcus. 
  1. Tears and grief are eased by the gentle hand of God, holding us, carrying us, wiping our tears.

    As for God, His way is perfect.
             Heavenly Father, at this Christmas season, I pray a special 
           covering of your mercy and comfort on the Kauffman family.
     Because of the wondrous gift of your Son, they have the blessed hope
            and assurance that they will meet their loved on in eternity.

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