Tuesday, December 31, 2013


As the year 2013 is coming to a close, I thought I would post pictures
of things that were totally new to me this past year.
The choice is unequivocally the cruise to Alaska.
Here is the cold water with swirling waves beside the small boat we
were on watching for whale sightings.

A rich blue poppy growing in Juneau .. so lovely.

There it is ... exciting!
A whale doing what whales do in the pristine waters along
the Alaskan shoreline.

Halted at Tracy Arm Fjord .. so remote .. so still.
What words do I use to capture this majestic wonder?
Sounds of song rang out .. 'How Great Thou Art'.
I felt like I was standing on 'holy ground'.

This massive wall of ice in June .. how fierce must it be in December!

'When I in awesome wonder,
consider all the worlds they hands have made'.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to see more of
God's almighty hand in creation during 2013.
It was a memorable blessing along with many other 
little blessings that came my way throughout the year .. 
too many to count.

Thanks to all of you that stop by to visit my blog.
May God richly bless you in the coming year.
I pray God becomes more real to me as well as to you.
It is an honor to be counted as His child!


  1. Thank you, Judy! Those are awesome pictures! Blessed New Year!

  2. What an awesome blog!! I have wanted to see Alaska all my life...maybe one day, Lord willing. You have a beautiful way of describing things...I felt like I was there for a bit! Thank you Judy!