Thursday, December 12, 2013


Hello from my workshop where tradition has it that I 
churn out dozens of pretty mouth-watering cookies for children.
I was about to type mouth-watering children .. but that 
didn't sound right ... right?
The gingerbread is delicious!

A recipe for these Gingerbread Children is already on my blog
and you can find it in the Christmas Cookie section if you need it.
Some of the gingerbread family starts here.

It keeps expanding.

And expanding some more ...

...  and some more ....

I wish I knew ... but I forgot ... to count them.
I do know that it took me most of the day to put the finishing
touches on the cookies I baked the previous day.
It was a lot of fun .. happy sigh when it was done!

Not everything always goes perfectly well .. the royal icing left
some tails so not all the eyes are perfect.
That's all right .. gives my girls personality.
I really like the snow-parka look on these gals.

This group looks very sweet and happy ..
sorry they are not upright.

I have baked nine of my traditional Christmas cookies and the 
recipes are already blogged ... now it is time to try a 
few new ones.
From my cookie kitchen to yours... have fun baking!


  1. Oh. My. Word. They are much too cute to better share them around before they get stale! They look like dolls all dressed up for Christmas...really neat job, Judy :)

    1. By next Christmas I will have forgotten how much work goes into this little mixed multitude and I will happily begin again. I really do love seeing how they take on a personality with a little chocolate here and a little dab there. I hope my grands look before they eat .. just a little. Thanks for commenting.

  2. They are beautiful! Today we're decorating gingerbread men at school. Hope they look as good as yours!

  3. Hi Linda, would love to see your little work bee decorating. Maybe you will blog them.
    Thanks for leaving a message .. always good to hear from you.