Sunday, August 3, 2014


My granddaughter came to spend a memorable week with me enjoying some
beautiful sunny days on the farm.

During the heat of the day we went right to work in the kitchen.
I loved that she came with all sorts of ideas of what she wanted to make.

It just so happened that a birthday was coming up so she browsed cupcake
sites on line and decided on one she wanted to copy.

Do grandmothers have more time than mothers?
I don't remember having fun like this with my little girls.

I am not easily surprised .. but I was this time ... totally!
Didn't suspect a thing when she told me to nap as long as I wanted!
Planned from home, she came with napkins, place cards and a favor.
When I woke I was ushered out to the deck where the table was beautifully set.
It was so pretty with green leaves as a backdrop but the heat forced us inside.

The snacks were prepared along with a cold beverage.

Lovely china and a surprise tea for Grami ... how special is that!

Unawares to me she had brought all the fixings to make this 
darling sunflower cupcake for the sweet treat.
I felt so loved and pampered!  
Thank you so much, you dear girl!

Another day Jodie mixed up the batter for a 6-inch cake we wanted to
serve at a tea for friends. 

We decided the filling would be whipped cream and raspberry glaze 
because we didn't want it to be too sweet.

I crumb coated the cake with the whipped cream and she did the rest.

For added goodness, we served additional fruit on the side.

Jodie had one request of Grami ... she wanted a raspberry cream pie.
Instead of making a whole pie, I made shortbread tart shells and a small amount 
of raspberry filling, vanilla pudding and whipped cream.
A delicious combination!

So grateful for this time together with someone I love dearly!

I heard the following song  this morning and was struck by 
 our Father's love!

Lord I come to You 
Let my heart be changed, renewed 
Flowing from the grace 
That I have found in You 
And Lord I have come to know 
The weaknesses I see in me 
Will be stripped away 
By the power of Your love 

Hold me close 
Let Your love surround me 
Bring me near 
Draw me to Your side 
And as I wait 
I will rise up like the eagle 
And I will soar with You 
Your Spirit leads me on 
In the power of Your love 

Lord unveil my eyes 
Let me see You face to face 
The knowledge of Your love 
As You live in me 
And Lord renew my mind 
As Your will unfolds in my life 
In living every day 
By the power of Your love 

.... Don Moen


  1. Well, this is the loveliest thing I've read in a while. Thank you for sharing. What a blessed time!

  2. Great post! Looks like Jodi is taking after Grandma in the cooking department!