Saturday, September 6, 2014


Looking for a quick snack?
Perhaps for a school treat or a hike or picnic?
I have noticed if children are present, the Rice Krispie bars will
be the first to disappear.

This is not really a recipe, just some directions for how I made these.
First I made a pan of Rice Krispie treats with the recipe that is on the box.
While they were chilling in the fridge, I spread some graham crackers with Nutella,
which is a hazel nut spread.

Cut the Rice Krispie treats into the same size as the graham cracker square.
Place them on the Nutella spread and press down slightly so they adhere.
All done .. ready to eat in a very short time.

For some added appeal, I drizzled melted chocolate over top.

Even though I am not a child, I do enjoy this snack!

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