Monday, October 13, 2014



This trunk is old ... well over five decades worth of bark and gnarl.

It began as a small shoot sent out from the mother tree ..
 I was barely into my teens when I dug it and planted it here.

I transplanted five saplings .. they grew lofty and wide.
The birds found shelter in their leafy sanctuary.
I loved their strength and shade.

Winds have claimed some lessor branches but not these rooted pillars.
Buffeted by wind and hail, sleet and snow .. weathered but not destroyed.
Reaching ever higher and embracing the goodness of rain and heat and sunshine.

It's time to rest ... to change from intensity and vigor to quietness and repose.

In another form stripped of all decor, yet stately still.
On hold .. and waiting for what lies ahead .. patiently and unafraid.

O God, You have been there for me ..
in the playful times of childhood ..
during the confusion of youth ...
through the hard choices of adulthood ...

 You are my guide as I transition the passing seasons.
You are my strength and pillar.
You never change.
I cling to your promises  when the weight seems too heavy ..
You never leave me alone and afraid.
You help me grow in spite of myself because You are God.
You bless me with so many good things 
that I can hardly comprehend it.
I reach for You and embrace Your Majesty.
You are Holy and Righteous, God of heaven and earth.
Blessed Trinity, one in essence, three in Person..
 Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Thank you for calling me to be Your child.

..that my heart may sing to you and not be silent.
O Lord my God,
I will give you thanks forever.Psalm 30: 12 NIV

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