About Judy

The prairies and an amazing grain farm in southern Alberta were home to Judy Walter.  In the pattern of Hutterite communities, a central kitchen was the scene of old-fashioned good eating, as delicious and abundant as anyone could wish for. Three times a day the big bell pealed out the sound that signalled the call to the kitchen where the food was waiting.

Years of observing and helping with food preparations gave Judy the opportunity to explore her own bent in the kitchen.  She had the experience of being involved in cooking large amounts of food as well as paring down to making meals in her own kitchen.  Many guests passed through her doors, leaving with memories of delicious meals or snacks shared around her kitchen nook.

This cookbook reflects Judy’s enjoyment of cooking and preparing wholesome meals. You will find a collection of recipes for those new to the kitchen as well as recipes that cater to the experienced cook.
Each recipe comes with clear step-by-step instructions using ingredients that are mostly simple and affordable.  A wide range of food categories offers choices that appeal to many tastes and preferences.